About Giovanni

I am an academic, a passionate photographer and a keen traveller

Born: Italy

Education: Degree in Philosophy from the University of Catania. PhD in Politics from the University of Westminster.

Currently: Live and work in Australia. I am Research Fellow and Lecturer at the University of Sydney. As Research Fellow, I work with the Sydney Democracy Network and I am involved in two projects: one on China and Democracy and one on Networked Politics. Both research projects primarily focus on the relationship between State and Citizens in the Twenty-first century. As Lecturer I teach and mark Postgraduate and Undergraduate Units of Studies in the field of Politics, Regime Transitions, IR, Public Opinion, Media and Public Relations. I supervise one PhD student. As Associate of the Sydney Democracy Network (SDN), I convene the network research seminars and co-edit an article series called Democracy Futures, a joint global initiative between the Sydney Democracy Network and The Conversation. The material published in this series aims to stimulate fresh thinking about the many challenges facing democracies in the 21st century. I write regularly a column titled Networked Politics which appears on The Conversation


Dr Giovanni Navarria
Sydney Democracy Network
Quadrangle (A14) | Room S503 |
The University of Sydney | NSW | 2006
W: 61 2 9351 3199
@: giovanni.navarria[at]sydney.edu.au
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Twitter: @gionavarria